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Life, Love & Marriage



Marriage takes a deeply rooted love commitment and a willingness to learn how to create a beautiful, strong relationship. It also takes two brilliant, imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.

All our sessions are entirely confidential in a relaxing, peaceful space. Our goal is your success. 



Love & Marriage Mentoring

Getting Married or Already Married.

We are excited to help our clients evolve their love relationships into something more meaningful, more soulful. Marriage can be challenging, but we are here to show you ways of enhancing yourself while enhancing your marriage. All our clients are exceptional, and our sessions are personalized for every unique couple.​ We will ensure that you are ready and set for your unique marriage journey. Our passion is to bring you together in marriage and keep you committed, and in love.

We offer discounts for our wedding couples. A little hesitant? Take our individual assessment. Learn who you are in your relationship. 





Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Empowering You


Yes, our clients are exceptional. Which is why we encourage time and stability! Our goal is to assist you with bringing your mind, body, and soul into a life of self-realization, self-acceptance and self-preservation. 

Life & Love Open Chat Sessions


Just want to talk, want me to listen? I'm here for you!

1-hour session $77

Call today for a free consultation!


Ask for Mrs. Robin


FaceTime, Skype, Zoom.

Call, Text, or Email anytime.

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336 253-6484

What our customers are saying

Our first year of marriage was rough. Grief, finances, kids, you name it. It seemed like everything was thrown at us all at once.

 Mrs. Robin helped us work through our issues while learning to respect, understand, and communicate effectively with each other again. 

We were able to recognize our strengths as a couple. 

We are very grateful for her loving guidance and wisdom.

Mr. & Mrs. TR.

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